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A Simple Guide To Avoiding Cockroaches In Marlborough

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Cockroaches are difficult insects to conquer, and many residents have recurring infestations. It’s no wonder, as these bugs can easily crawl in small cracks, and they breed overwhelmingly fast and in great numbers. Considering how gross they are and the fact that you can get sick from sharing space with them, cockroaches can’t be tolerated.

Storebought cockroach control products are ineffective and can actually make the situation worse. It takes effective pest control in Marlborough to thoroughly eradicate an infestation. These pests are so tough, some insecticides don’t bother them. There are periods when they don’t need food and only rely on water, and bad weather doesn’t always take them out, either. Use this guide from us at Bug Bully Pest Control to learn how to keep cockroaches away.

Always Inspect Food Before Bringing It Into Your Home

This may be disconcerting to read, but you can accidentally bring cockroaches into your home. These bugs are known for hiding in plants, boxes, and food packaging, among other things. Carefully examine grocery items prior to purchasing them or carrying them indoors. Cockroaches are usually red, black, brown, or tan, with eggs and casings that look like capsules. Roaches’ dark-colored feces resembled pepper flakes, or you may see cockroach exoskeletons as well. 

It’s necessary to know what common regional cockroaches look like, in case you find bugs or their body parts around your groceries. German cockroaches are ½ to ? of an inch long and brown and are usually tan in color. They are energetic runners who seldom use their wings. German cockroach nymphs are black and unable to fly. American cockroaches are 1 ¼  to 2 ? inches long and mahogany-colored. This species will damage cloth and paper. Oriental cockroaches are one inch long, shiny, and reddish-brown or black. They’ll probably be in water or in humid areas, because they’re especially drawn to dampness. All cockroaches have spines on their legs, which pick up pathogens and can deposit them around your home. 

Keep Your Home As Clean As Possible 

As you might imagine, the kitchen is the main place where cockroaches will gather in homes. You have to prevent them from getting food, so make sure the containers you use for food storage and garbage are secured shut. Wipe off your counters frequently; you don’t want crumbs and spills to remain. Keep your pantries and cabinets neat. Wash used dishes. After sweeping your floors, mop them. Don’t forget to clear your drains and disposals, and take out packed bags of trash. 

In bathrooms, scrub surfaces, sinks, and tubs; get debris off the floor; and remove waste. For bedrooms and shared spaces, vacuum the rugs on a routine basis to eliminate food particles. To hamper a cockroach’s access to water, have moisture vulnerabilities addressed. 

In addition to the previously mentioned indicators, evident signs of cockroaches include:

  • Sightings: These bugs are normally out at night. Daytime appearances are cause for alarm.
  • Feces: You could see excrement around drawers, floor corners, and door frames.  
  • Odors: Cockroaches have fragrant communication chemicals that can modify the taste and smell of food. 

It’s time to act if you notice these things or any other signs of cockroaches in your home.

Reduce Clutter In Your Home

Cockroaches hide in out-of-sight areas, so reducing clutter can help keep them away. Maintain tidy and organized storage areas, and replace cardboard boxes with plastic bins to reduce the number of places cockroaches have to hide. To lower the moisture and warmth in these zones, use a dehumidifier.

Always Consider Professional Pest Control Services Your First Option 

You have to get rid of cockroaches once you know they’re in your home. They contaminate food and surfaces with microbes, and allergies and asthma can be agitated by their dead skin. Don’t throw away money on retail insecticides and baits; they aren’t made for infestations and they can be dangerous if improperly used. We at Bug Bully Pest Control have safe solutions designed for cockroaches. Our treatments include harborage fogs, power dusts, liquid residuals, growth regulators, and more. Call us today for a quote!