Mouse Removal

Noises in walls. Droppings on top of the stove. Gnawed wires in the attic. These are all signs of a mouse problem in your home. And the thing with mice is they can be living in your home for a long time before you see one of these signs and know that you have a mouse issue.

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Hearing Noises in the Walls?

Most people that have mice first call us and report that they’ve been hearing noises in the walls or attic. This is very common. Mice will usually sneak in somewhere along the foundation and then make their way up through wall voids or pipe voids. From here they will travel into the kitchen, behind the stove, and onto the countertops looking for food.

It is important to catch and eliminate mice as soon as possible because like all rodents they are constantly gnawing. They will gnaw on wires in the attic and walls as well as the walls themselves, creating new holes along the baseboards and other areas of your home.

Mice are extremely unsanitary!

In addition to leaving their droppings on top of the stove and counter tops, mice are also urinating where ever the go. This leads to contaminated surfaces where you eat and also contaminated floors where kids and pets walk and play.

Mice are also known to carry disease such as Hantavirus.

mouse droppings
Mouse droppings

So you can see, it is very important to the health of your home and your family to eliminate any mice in your home as well as prevent them from coming back in.

Bug Bully Pest Control has an 8-point mouse inspection and elimination plan to rid your home of mice and long-term solutions to prevent you from ever getting mice again.

Rodents…looking for a place to raise a family. Don’t let it be yours.

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Mouse Elimination Process

Mike Wrightson closing up hole on house exterior
Rodent Exclusion Services

All areas of your home are inspected for mice activity including; exterior foundation, kitchen, basement, basement sill, attic, garage, pipe voids, closets.

We will identify where mice are entering your home. And remember; mice only need ¼-inch hole and then can find their way in. They can also easily chew a ¼-inch hole and invite themselves in.

If there are holes too large to seal such as gaps underneath garage doors, we will point them out to you so the necessary repairs can be made.

From here we apply a combination of traps, rodenticide baits, and tracking powder guaranteed to eliminate all of the mice in your home.

Mice FAQs

If there are mice inside your home, there may be dead mice already from natural causes. Most of the time you will not notice that mice have died nor will you smell them because they are hidden deep inside a wall void. Our warranty plans will help to reduce the chance of mice dying in the walls.

No. Mice get most of their water from their food sources. Modern rodenticides do not make mice thirsty.

Mice can reproduce quickly. Usually, if you see one mouse it means there are about 12 more that you have not seen. Take the number of mice that you have seen and multiply by 12.

Yes, all treatments are safe for people and pets.

What areas do you service?

We are providing mouse removal services in Grafton, Westborough, Northborough, Shrewsbury, Framingham, Natick, Millbury, Auburn, Southborough, Northbridge, Holden, and all surrounding towns.

How do I schedule mouse removal for my home?

You can call or text 508-329-8030 or email

How soon can you get here?

Most of the time we can get there the same day or the next day. We also treat on Saturday by appointment.

Michael arrived on time and went right to work addressing my problem. He inspected all areas of my house not just the obvious troubled areas including the basement and attic. After he was done he explained what he had done to alleviate my problem and what to expect in the weeks to come. He let me know that I could call him if I should have any further problems with mice or any other pests. Thanks again Michael!!

I was very happy with the service I received from Bug Bully. Mike was very professional, courteous and honest. He was very accommodating and flexible. He scheduled an appointment around my schedule. He was very easy to talk to and assured me he would resolve the issue. Mike is an honest business man who can be trusted and stands behind his product. The reviews written on bug bully were a big factor in me choosing this company. I felt it was necessary to write a review on my personal experience with bug bully. Highly recommend this company.