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What You Need To Know About Pests In Marlborough, MA

Knowledge is the best defense against our region’s common household pests. The more your know about the pests that want to live near and with us, the easier it will be for you to keep them away. Read on to learn some helpful information about the insects and rodents that call Marlborough home. 


Rodents live outside all around us; they thrive anywhere, including where we live in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Mice and rats are the two most common rodents to make their way into our Marlborough homes. When living near people, when there is a lack of food or unsuitable weather conditions, rodents see where we live as a place of respite. Our homes promise safe shelter, plentiful food, and water sources, things rodents can’t pass up. 

Though mice, rats, and some other rodents have no problem living with people, we never want to share our indoor or outdoor spaces with them. These prolific breeders take over areas quickly and cause many problems, including structural damage, spreading disease-causing pathogens and bacteria, contaminating food sources, and making us feel unwelcome in our homes. Rodents belong outside in wooded areas, meadows, fields, and along waterways, not in our Marlborough yards and homes!

Implementing regular rodent control services is the best way to avoid problems with rodents. In addition, it is vital to take away as many of their essential needs as possible. Remove food sources by picking up uneaten pet food, keeping lids on trash cans, harvesting gardens, and storing your family’s food out of their reach. Eliminate water sources by repairing leaky hoses and fixtures. Seal any size holes and gaps in your home’s exterior that could provide them with easy travel in and out of your house.

For the best prevention against rodents in Massachusetts, contact the family-friendly experts here at Bug Bully Pest Control. We offer mouse exclusion and mouse removal to fit your unique needs!


Wood Destroying Pests

Some pests are just a simple annoyance, while others pose significant dangers. Some pests are dangerous to people, and others are dangerous to our properties. Wood-destroying pests are the latter, and their ability to damage the structure of homes and other buildings is why they are a threat. Two of Marlborough’s most common examples of wood-destroying pests are the carpenter ant and eastern subterranean termite.

Carpenter ants and subterranean termites are two different species that cause damage to our homes for various reasons. Carpenter ants in Marlborough tunnel through our home’s structural wood to create tunnels and nesting galleries; they do not eat the wood. Termites enter our home to tunnel through and feed on our home’s structural wood. Both carpenter ants and eastern subterranean termites prefer decaying or watered-damaged wood. 

Though the damage caused by the carpenter ants and termites does not happen overnight, they both do cause extensive and costly damage. The best way to avoid sharing your home with wood-destroying pests is to partner with an experienced pest professional that uses industry-leading treatments. We offer carpenter ant treatment services that you can rely on. In addition, controlling moisture and removing decaying or water-damaged wood inside and outside your home is vital to avoid problems with these pests.

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Bed Bugs

When a homeowner discovers bed bugs in their home, the first question likely to come to the mind, is how did I get bed bugs? The first thing to understand is that you did nothing wrong, bed bugs want to live with people, and they can become a problem in any of our homes. Whether you have a cluttered home, an immaculate home, or a home that is somewhere in between, you could experience a problem with these biting, blood-feeding pests. 

Bed bugs are exceptional hitchhikers. Though bed bugs lack wings and the ability to jump, they move with ease from place to place on people or within our belongings. You can come into contact with bed bugs almost anywhere, but some common hot spots include airports, hotels, laundry mats, movie theaters, consignment shops, or secondhand stores. Once in your home, bed bugs will hide out of sight, feed at night, and quickly take over.

Guard your home and family against experiencing a bed bug infestation by implementing regular bed bug treatments and the following prevention tips.

  • After returning home from travel, always wash and dry all clothing taken on the highest heat settings possible.
  • Regularly clean out and wash your children’s backpacks.
  • Take care when using shared laundry facilities; always take your clean clothing home to fold.
  • Always inspect any secondhand items that you are bringing into your home.

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Signs of bed bugs in Worcester Central Massachusetts

Stinging Insects


Stinging insects are a vital part of our ecosystem. One of the most important reasons why stinging insects are so valuable is their ability to pollinate the crops, trees, and plants needed for our survival. Predatory species also help us by hunting, feeding on, and controlling populations of nuisance and dangerous insects- a close second as to why these insects are so beneficial!

Bald-faced hornets, paper wasps, and yellow jackets are all predatory stinging insects and regularly find their way onto our Marlborough properties. Stinging insects like to share our outdoor spaces because our gardens, trees, yards, garages, and houses provide them with things that help them to survive (food, water, and shelter). Though beneficial, stinging insects deliver painful stings and pose health risks to people, which is why you shouldn’t feel the need to share your yard with these pests

The safest and most effective stinging insect control is delivered by an experienced professional! To help you make your property less attractive to these pests, we suggest doing the following things around your property.

  • Maintain your yard.
  • Keep trees and shrubs well-pruned.
  • Remove areas of standing water.
  • Keep lids on trash cans.
  • Keep outdoor eating areas clear of leftover food.
  • Regularly harvest gardens and fruit trees.


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Yard Pests

Several types of pests take over our Marlborough yards and make it difficult for us to enjoy our outdoor spaces. Mosquitoes are small flies that use their wings to travel into our yards. They then stay to use its grass, vegetation, and trees as resting spots and areas of standing water as breeding sites. Animal hosts like dogs, cats, rodents, raccoons, skunks, and deer constantly introduce fleas and ticks onto our properties. After coming into contact with the fleas or ticks in your yard, you or your pets could bring them inside. 

Barring installing a bubble around your property, there is no way to completely rid your property of yard pests. However, you can and should reduce and control their numbers. These types of yard pests are not only annoying but a threat to you and your family. Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks all bite us and feed on our pets’ blood, spreading diseases and creating unsightly, uncomfortable welts.

Luckily, you don’t have to share your yard with Marlborough’s most common yard pests. Through regular pest control services performed by a professional, you can keep them at bay and avoid the problems they cause. In addition, keeping your grass cut short, removing standing water, and eliminating food sources that attract wild animals will help make your yard less attractive to these pests. Call today for the best pest control in Marlborough!

Household Pests

Beyond carpenter ants, rodents, termites, wasps, bees, and cockroaches, several other common household pests can be sources of concern for homeowners. Silverfish, which thrive in damp conditions, often infiltrate homes through cracks and openings, posing a threat to paper goods and fabrics. 

Spiders, although generally harmless, may create webs in corners and hidden areas, contributing to an undesirable living environment. 

Household beetles like carpet beetles and pantry beetles can damage stored food and fabric items. Flies and mosquitoes, attracted to open windows and doors, not only cause annoyance but also present potential health risks due to their ability to transmit diseases. 

Rodent mites and fleas, often associated with rodents, can persist in homes even after the removal of their primary host. Earwigs, centipedes, and moths are occasional invaders that can disrupt the household environment. Implementing integrated pest management practices, including regular cleaning, proper waste management, and sealing entry points, is essential for effective pest prevention and control. 

Seeking professional assistance ensures a comprehensive understanding of specific pest challenges and the application of targeted solutions for sustained pest management.