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Rodent-Guard Exclusion Systems

A permanent structural seal combined with regular scheduled visits will ensure rodents won’t return.

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Block Rodents & Wildlife With Rodent-Guard

Our Rodent-Guard Exclusion Systems are a permanent wildlife barrier that protect homes, businesses, and other structures from being taken over by mice, rats, squirrels, bats, and other animals. 

Bug Bully’s exclusion services are natural, chemical-free solutions that offer complete home seal-ups to prevent infestations.

Our Rodent Guard System Options

Upper Rodent-Guard

Lower Rodent-Guard

Burrow Barriers

Keep Out Rodents With Bug Bully’s Rodent-Guard

Are you noticing some missing food items from your kitchen? Have you started to see patches of dirt in places where they shouldn’t be? The temptation might be there to write off these problems as just a minor inconvenience. However, those disappearing cookies and dirty footprints may not be the work of accidents or happenstance. Here in the greater Marlborough area, they could very well be the result of rodents!

Rats and mice are pesky creatures that can invade virtually any property, quickly contaminate food, destroy property, and cause all sorts of problems around the house. It’s not possible to manage rodents by yourself, but with the help of a professional rodent control service, you can get rid of rodents around your property quickly, easily, and effectively with the help of Bug Bully Pest Control.

Marlborough families, both big and small, rely on Bug Bully Pest Control to inspect, defend, and protect their properties. We are a family-owned-and-operated business providing quality rodent control services with decades of combined experience using only the latest and most effective techniques to get rid of rodents. We thrive on always putting our customer’s needs first and make it our mission to resolve infestations with all the high-tech gumption and expertise we can muster.

If you’re looking for a reliable rodent control service that can manage infestations from point to point, Bug Bully Pest Control is the perfect choice. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Vivian Neseim
Vivian Neseim
November 13, 2023
Really kind and thorough! Thank you!
Chris Cella
Chris Cella
November 9, 2023
Called and they should up the next day.
Debbie Mccabe
Debbie Mccabe
October 26, 2023
Bug Bully responded quickly and conducted free inspection of my basement and attic for mice activity. Came back the next morning and treated both areas for mice control. Very professional and informative. I would highly recommend Bug Bully for pest and rodent services.
Michael Sturtevant
Michael Sturtevant
October 26, 2023
These guys do great work. I called yesterday when my home was in a swarm cloud of lady bugs. They responded within 24 hours & made sure I was treated fir any foreseen issues through the winter. Outstanding service!
Helio Almeida
Helio Almeida
October 19, 2023
We’ve been using Bug Bully since we moved in 3 years ago and they have been extremely responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend to anyone looking for this service.
Mike Ogar
Mike Ogar
October 17, 2023
Nathan went above and beyond. Hard worker.
October 12, 2023
Nathan, thank you, you were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and awesome to work with. Appreciate you and the bug bully team!!
David Gonzalez Jr
David Gonzalez Jr
October 5, 2023
Professional, knowledgeable and most importantly available


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