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The Easiest Way To Keep Carpenter Ants Away From Your Marlborough Home

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t’s no secret that ants are a nuisance, but when you start to experience black carpenter ants in your home, your ant problem becomes a threat to the safety of your home and your health. These destructive pests can also bite if they feel threatened, using the mandibles they use to chew through wood.

These ants are most active in the spring and summer and typically go dormant in the winter months, waiting for warm weather to return. However, if carpenter ants have found a warm place in your home to nest, they will remain active, causing further damage.

Carpenter ants don’t have to be a year-round problem for you. At Bug Bully Pest Control, we are the top-rated Marlborough pest control company. Our carpenter ant treatment features specialized dusters and foggers to access crevices and voids within your home to eliminate these wood-destroying pests for good.

To learn more about ant control services or our other services, reach out to us today!

Are All Winged Ants Carpenter Ants?

The short answer to this question is no. There are many different types of flying ants. Alate is the common name for sexually mature ants, which can be identified by their ability to fly or have wings. In a colony of ants, they are known as the reproductives. Ants that have reached reproductive age will leave their colonies to fulfill their primary objective, which is to mate and help expand the colonies. The term “nuptial flight” is frequently used to describe this journey.

If you’ve noticed flying ants around your Marlborough home, call Bug Bully Pest Control to get your ant pest control inspection and services started.

Can Carpenter Ants Destroy A House?

Carpenter ants are among the most troublesome ant species. These ants can seriously harm your home by chewing through moist, soft wood. This puts you at risk of bodily harm if the structural damage is not repaired, not to mention the thousands of dollars in property damage you would incur. 

Call Bug Bully Pest Control to discuss our carpenter ant control services to stop or prevent carpenter ants from making your Marlborough home their next target. 

Five Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips To Implement Around Your Home

Ants are so tiny and intrusive that it can seem impossible to eliminate them all effectively. However, preventing is something much easier to do. Below are five ant prevention tips that could save your home from carpenter ants.

  1. Keep building supplies and firewood at least 20 feet from the foundation walls.
  2. Clear out any clogged or damaged gutters that are letting water run off the side of your house.
  3. Repair broken spigots and leaky hoses.
  4. Loosen any compacted areas in the ground around your home.
  5. Prune trees or bushes away from the building.

The tips listed above are great for keeping ants away, but if you already have a carpenter ant problem, you must call Bug Bully Pest Control immediately for elimination services.

How Do You Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants?

Trying to figure out how to get rid of carpenter ants is more challenging than just using a product you get at the store. Carpenter ants can have colony sizes of 50,000 or more, making them very hard to eliminate, especially when the nest resides in the walls of your home. 

With highly skilled and trained home pest control professionals, a carpenter ant colony will only have a short time to reside in your Marlborough home. From fogging voids with specialized equipment to pressure dusting and carpenter ant bait, the Bug Bully Pest Control pest pros know how to stop carpenter ants in their tracks. Call to get your free estimate today.