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Quality Pest Control In Shrewsbury, MA

The town of Shrewsbury is located on the outskirts of Worcester and is one of the area’s most sought-after suburbs. Not only is the town home to a well-regarded public school system, but it also has sprawling developments, every type of amenity imaginable, as well as a historical center of town. Part of living in the area, however, is dealing with pest problems on a routine basis.

Since 2013, Bug Bully Pest Control has been putting a stop to pest problems with quality pest control in Shrewsbury, MA. We are a fully licensed, locally owned company that provides a broad range of services. Since our inception, we have strived to offer honest, straightforward service that is safe for all of our customers. We offer service within 24 hours of being contacted and we will always make things right. In addition to our high level of care, we follow Integrated Pest Management methods. For more information on our pest control, please call us today. 

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Residential Pest Control In Shrewsbury

<img decoding="async" role="presentation" src="data:;base64,” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />Pest problems can develop in Shrewsbury homes at any given point throughout the year, and at Bug Bully Pest Control, we’re here to help you navigate them. We are a fully licensed, locally owned company with a decade of pest control experience. When you need us, we’ll be there.

Our residential process is designed to understand your needs and treat them accordingly. We combine honest conversations with detailed inspections and present you with a plan and upfront pricing. All of our services follow Integrated Pest Management methods so they are safe for everyone in your home. The first treatment we apply will eliminate active pests and by setting up a recurring schedule, we can keep other infestations from happening. We base each treatment and product usage on the types of pests that you encounter. To learn more about residential pest control services in Shrewsbury, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Shrewsbury

At Bug Bully Pest Control, we provide honest and effective pest control for Shrewsbury businesses in need. Our licensed company has been providing five-star services for the last decade. And because we’re local, we know the pest challenges you face firsthand. Everything that we do is in service to our customers, and when you partner with us, you’ll receive stellar support.

Our commercial services are based on the methods of Integrated Pest Management. What this means for your business is that we will address the root cause of outbreaks to prevent them from occurring. We deliver complete property assessments and customize a treatment plan to your specific needs. The first treatment we provide is designed to flush out pests while recurring visits are aimed at preventing new issues. For more information on Shrewsbury commercial pest control and its many benefits, please call us today.


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How Cockroach Infestations Start In Shrewsbury Homes

A cockroach infestation can start in Shrewsbury homes in a variety of ways. One of the most common scenarios is the presence of crumbs and food sources. These pests are infamous scavengers and will eat almost anything, so trash build-up or hidden food residue can surely attract them. Having gaps around doors and windows as well as crevices in foundations provides additional leeway for cockroaches to get inside a home when they identify these food sources. An additional attraction for cockroaches is moisture. Some species are even capable of navigating sewer systems to get into homes. Other times, leaks will suffice.

The most effective way to prevent and eliminate cockroach infestations is with help from Bug Bully Pest Control. We have a decade of experience providing residential pest control services that address cockroaches. Our protocols and treatments are based on the methods of Integrated Pest Management, so they’re safe and address the root cause of cockroach outbreaks. For more information on cockroach control in Shrewsbury, call us today.

Call The Pros To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Shrewsbury Home

If a bed bug infestation has developed in your Shrewsbury home, it’s important to note that the problem is usually much larger than it appears. Infestations can spread from room to room very easily, and if you don’t manage to eliminate them all, you could end up with a much larger, more stubborn outbreak.

The best way to address bed bugs is with professional help from the team at Bug Bully Pest Control. We have been providing the Shrewsbury community with trusted pest control since 2013 and we continue to strive for excellence. Our bed bug elimination process is founded on the principles of Integrated Pest Management. We’ll provide your home with long-lasting bed bug-free results that are safe for people and pets. We begin by performing a complete home inspection to assess your infestation. We’ll then provide you with a prep sheet in order to make our service the most effective. We use both dust and liquid treatments to target bed bugs and then we’ll follow up two to four weeks later to ensure their complete elimination. For more information on reliable bed bug control in Shrewsbury, call us today.

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