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A Handy Guide To Hornet And Wasp Control In Marlborough

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Have you ever found a wasp or hornet buzzing around inside your home? This can be a bothersome and frightening experience. What many people think about when they see these stinging insects indoors is whether there is a nest nearby. This is a good question. We are going to share with you today what types of wasps and hornets live here in Marlborough and what to do about an infestation on your property.

Contact Bug Bully Pest Control if you need more information about our professional services or would like to have a wasp problem removed from your property. We will share with you some options for pest control in Marlborough and find one that best meets your individual pest needs.

Common Types Of Wasps And Hornets In Marlborough

There are many common wasps and hornets found here in Marlborough. Three of the most common species include paper wasps, yellow jacket wasps, and European hornets. All three of these pests live in large colonies made of chewed-up paper, bark, and other similar items. Although different in shape, these nests can be found in the same locations, such as in trees, inside holes in the ground, within outbuildings, and on the side of man-made structures.

If you need help identifying what kinds of wasps are on your property and where their nests are located, call in our team. We would be happy to inspect your home and yard for these pest threats and inform you of what you are up against.

Wasps And Hornets Can Be Problematic

Chances are you already know the basics of why wasps and hornets are a problem. These pests sting, plain and simple. What is not plain and simple is why these pests sting. Both wasps and hornets will only attack if they feel directly threatened, trapped, or that their nest is in danger. Certain species, like the yellow jacket, become increasingly aggressive during the fall when their queens are getting ready for hibernation. It is not uncommon for these pests to fly several feet away from their home to attack humans and animals nearby. If you are not paying attention, this could happen to you. 

Thankfully, there are methods to avoid these pests in Marlborough and professional options to remove wasp nests from your property. Here is everything you need to know.

Five Simple Wasp And Hornet Prevention Tips

No one wants to have a wasp or hornet’s nest on their property. Assuming you feel the same way, we would like you to have these five simple prevention tips to deter these pests from settling near your home:

  1. Reduce the number of budding plants and flowers you have on your property.
  2. Clean up thoroughly after hosting outdoor get-togethers.
  3. Keep all dishes of food and beverage containers covered when eating outdoors.
  4. Avoid feeding your pets outdoors.
  5. Knockdown newly forming wasp nests before they become larger than a golf ball.

For safe and effective wasp control, let our team at Bug Bully Pest Control lend a helping hand. We have everything you need to combat these harmful insects. 

The Most Effective Wasp And Hornet Control For Your Yard

If you are looking for a surefire way to deal with wasps and hornets on your Marlborough property, we have what you need at Bug Bully Pest Control. Our team has the equipment and treatments to handle all sorts of stinging insects safely. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Contact Bug Bully Pest Control for more information about our methods and service options in Marlborough.